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Welcome to the SID section, that kind of sound that for fans has the same kind of fascination than it had years ago ...


... before kratzer was founded in 1988, we performed numerous muzaks and tunes for the very popular Commodore C64 System, using his built-in sound chip, called SID.

SID itself was surely it´s time ahead, you can find numerous websites dedicated only to this little gem all around the Internet.

Even today not only a few musicians wanted this particular kind of sound back in their productions because of it´s characteristic filter technology and the sometimes really not foreseeable behavior.
Of course you can sample it, but is it the same ?

Anyway, this might be over now - a few enthusiasts can be visited here


Update:  After ordering, we could really recommend them !
         The deliverance is FAST, the Hardware solid and
         the sound is perfect.
         You can´t compare it to an emulator - only the
         original is the real thing.

Most of our music was released on own label "NSR1917" distributed on demo - scene and trough "mail order" :)

You can still find them in several collections on the net and it is planned to convert some of them for presentation on www.kratzer.at.

Because you definitely should be curious now, you can get the basics here for listening to SID music on a toady's hardware :

Mostly recommendable and really easy to use is the WinAMP - Plugin "SIDamp" which can be downloaded here :

Also needed, of course, something to listen to. This little selection of remarkable music should show you what is meant :

Keep in mind, there is only a 17 years old (!) computer chip playing !

Note : SIDamp 2.o is (c) by Grant Davies and Nick Kovac, their actual webpages could be reached here .

The SID-Tunes are (c) to their respective authors or labels, you can see them on the WinAMP title display, and if you see Rob Hubbard´s name a lot this is no coincidence.
He (not similar to scientology founder Ron H.) was one of the real pioneers with an frightening output, today he is one of electronic arts CEO´s.



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